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My name is Jack, commonly refered to by people in my life as Jacko. I am a college graduate who studied computer science and communication during my years at university, but has since been exploring a deep passion for generative art. 

My entire life, I've struggled to determine whether I am "left-brained" or "right-brained". While part of me has a strong desire to develop my skills in domains such as mathematics, programming, engineering, and business, the other side of me finds a sense of powerful fulfillment in creating visual art, electronic music, and riveting bits of writting. 

Jxcko Visual is a project I started to combine my passion for cutting-edge technology with my appetite for multidimensional, alien artwork. My mission is to leverage powerful text-to-image neural networks to generate pieces that leave the viewer feeling as though they've seen something other-worldly, or "beyond" reality...


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